Note: This page needs to be updated for accuracy! We’ve added a couple of members to the family since the last time we worked on this page! ;)



Twitter: @messy_jordan

Jordan is the host of Messy Mondays and Jordan’s Messyges. He also has his own personal YouTube channel which you can subscribe to here. When he isn’t making videos, he’s gardening or writing music. You can keep up with him on his website.

Music: Copeland, Brand New, As Cities Burn, Rookie of the Year

Movies: Slumdog Millionaire, That Thing You Do, Truman Show, Conspiracy Theory

TV Shows: Heartland, The Twilight Zone, Arthur

Books: All the Pretty Horses, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Gerson Therapy

Places to Visit: Colorado, Lake Tahoe, New York

Hobbies: Cycling, watching hockey, weight lifting, animation, photography, gardening, worm farming, swing dancing, computer programming.

Other Projects Jordan Works On:


Twitter: @dearfuturejosh

Josh writes and directs Messy Mondays and the other shows Blimey Cow releases. In addition, he is a Travel Specialist for all Disney Destinations. He's married to Kelli.

Music: Copeland, Relient K, House of Heroes, Derek Webb, Further Seems Forever, Acceptance, Number One Gun, Paramore, This Day & Age, Pompton Lakes, Rookie of the Year, Say Anything, The Vespers

Movies: There Will Be Blood, The Matrix, Up, That Things You Do!, Office Space, Napoleon Dynamite, Beauty & the Beast, Slumdog Millionaire, Spider-Man 2, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Star Wars

TV Shows: Breaking Bad, LOST, Survivor, Boy Meets World, The Office, Arrested Development, Parks & Rec, Community, The Twilight Zone

Books: Holes

Places to Visit: Disney World, The Smoky Mountains, Colorado.

Hobbies: Podcasting, board games, writing, watching movies, playing with my dog, HUSTLING, anything Disney World, hanging out with my family.

Other Projects Josh Works On:


Twitter: @keenertaylor

Kelli plays various characters on Messy Mondays and provides various behind-the-scenes support. When she isn't working on Blimey Cow, she is writing for her daily blog Currently Kelli. She is also interested in healthy living, reading, and positive self-improvement. She's married to Josh.

Music: Among Savages, Relient K, Copeland, Eisley, Merriment, Lorde, HAIM, TSwift, Ryan Adams, the Hamilton cast recording.

Movies: Gattaca, Memoirs of a Geisha, Star Wars IV-VII, Up, Les Miserables

TV Shows: Survivor, Doctor Who, Mad Men, Downton Abbey

Books: The Princess Bride, The Book Thief, Code Name Verity, Mr Penumbra's 24-Hour Book Store, The Time Keeper, The Ocean at the End of The Lane

Places to Visit: The Smoky Mountains, Colorado

Hobbies: Blogging, yoga, learning about & preparing healing foods, walking with my dog, reading.

Other Projects Kelli Works On: