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Hello, patrons!

Here you can find links to all of the different ways you can interact with us and other patrons. We know it's overwhelming! Hopefully this page helps.

Blimey Con 2019

Interested in coming to Blimey Con 2019, happening August 2-4 in Nashville, TN? Go to this link for all the details! Get in touch with Josh for the password, if you don’t already have it!

And here is the Facebook page if you want to get updates, as well as connect with the other folks attending.

Online Communities

Run by the Taylors

Run by the Cowmoonity

Gamer List

Do you want to play videos games online with people who aren't 1o year olds with potty mouths? Then make sure to check out our Cowmoonity Gamer List! And make sure to add your user names to all the relevant pages!

The Patreon Podcast

Cowmoonity Cownversations - The Patreon Exclusive Podcast! Click here for the RSS Feed. (Don't know how to use an RSS Feed? Click here.) Available to all tiers!

Social Media



Things Patrons Are Working On

Support fellow patrons by checking out their online project.

The Cowmoonity Map!

Where in the USA (and beyond) is the Cowmoonity located?! If you want to be included, add your name, city, and state here!