Interested in advertising on one of our shows? Many great companies like Squarespace, Audible, Lumerit, Skillshare, NatureBox, Harry's, and others have had great success with our audience.

Here are some of the benefits of advertising with us.

  • We only advertise products and services we would use ourselves, and our audience knows that. When you promote something, it comes with the Blimey Cow Seal of Approval! We've turned down plenty of companies, simply because we knew our audience wouldn't buy it.
  • Our audience is dedicated. Blimey Cow viewers cheer when we get new sponsors and are excited to support companies that partner with us.
  • We are easy to work with. If you have questions, concerns, or last minute changes, we are more than happy to accommodate; and we are easy to get in touch with. 

If you are interested in discussing analytics, demographics, and all of that good stuff, shoot us an email: We would love to hear from you.