Who We Are

We are Blimey Cow, comprised of three kids from Nashville, Tennessee– Jordan, his brother Josh, and Josh’s wife Kelli. For individual bios, click here!

What We Do

We make funny videos and upload them to YouTube. Our main show is called Messy Mondays, and we release a new episode every Monday. Our other recurring show is Jordan’s Messyges, where Jordan answers viewer emails. We also produce other shows from time to time, including our dramedy series Brother Brother Time.

Why We Do It

We love making videos, and we love doing things as a family. Working on Blimey Cow gives us an opportunity to do both! Our hope is that we can make people laugh, while also making them think.

Be a Part of What We’re Doing

If you enjoy the content we make and want to support us, check out our Patreon Campaign! We would really appreciate it (and we will give you some cool rewards for helping us out.)